Too Tight to Touch Your Toes?

Join yoga guru (gee-u-r-u) Gary Rosenberg as he guides his very tight and tough friend, Tee Cardin, through his very first yoga lesson. During this video you will see for yourself that a lack of flexibility (being too tight) is not an obstacle to beginning a yoga and relaxation program.

Yoga Guru Gary Rosenberg will be your guide!

Meet Your Yoga Guru



Let me be your personal instructor and guide you through 4 different practices with detailed explanations that include:

  • Simple seated meditation
  • Gentle spinal rejuvenation
  • Total-body reawakening
  • Deep Relaxation

Join Tee's First

Ever Yoga Lesson

You don't have to be a yoga expert, or to have ever tried yoga before, to enjoy this fun and easy-to-use program. Gary and Tee will guide you in beginning a yoga and relaxation practice that you can do anytime, anywhere!

Meet Your Instructor

Hairline is still receding

Your Yoga Partner

Less tight now

Don't Forget to Breathe

Stimulates your body and mind

Reach Higher

Than you've ever reached before

What Are You Waiting For?

In less than 50 minutes, you will learn that a lack of flexibility will not be an obstacle to beginning your yoga and relaxation program. This fun and easy-to-use program is set up so that you can explore each or all of the exercises at your convenience!

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